• Certified Legal Video Specialists
  • Text-to-Video Synchronization
  • Trial Presentation
  • Deposition, Expert and Trial Testimony
  • Demonstrative and Day-in-the-Life Video
  • Site Inspection
  • Video Duplication
  • Large Screen Courtroom Playback

Mehler & Hagestrom provides Certified Legal Video Specialists for all your videotaping needs, including depositions, expert and trial testimony, and demonstrative evidence. Giving the jury a visual of a witness’s demeanor and tone of voice during a deposition can make all the difference when compared to reading words on paper.

Testimony can also be edited to highlight only the testimony you feel is relevant to your case. You may also use edited deposition testimony to play against the witness’s courtroom testimony to show any inconsistencies. Playing certain sections of deposition testimony during your closing argument will also keep the witness’s testimony clear in the jury’s mind long after the witness is off the stand. Courtroom playback is done with large screen projection for easy visibility.

Demonstrative evidence videotaping may include a variety of items including the operation of a machine or inspection of premises, or videotaping of any other place or item that cannot be brought into the courtroom.

If your evidence is important enough to talk about, then it’s important enough to be seen. Trial presentation software allows awkward evidence such as blue prints, CT scans, or fetal monitoring strips to be projected onto a large screen making it easy for everyone to see clearly. You can make notations and highlight the important areas without changing the original document. Side-by-side comparisons of signatures and documents, considered very impactful evidence, are available using trial presentation software. Using a split screen to show video testimony along with exhibits helps the jury understand your case. Most importantly, all of your evidence can easily be stored on a laptop and shown on a projection screen as opposed to carrying in bulky, blown-up copies of exhibits.

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