• Video Conference Suites in both Cleveland and Akron
  • Hi-Speed Connection
  • Nationwide Network of Conference Facilities
  • Depositions, Expert Meetings, Trial Preparation, Judicial Conferences, Client Meetings Job Interviews

The comfort and ease of video conference makes traveling with all of its issues nonexistent. With our national network of conference facilities, scheduling a video conference is hassle-free. Private suites in our Cleveland and Akron offices have all the amenities necessary to conduct your meeting in a professional setting.

Technology and quality go hand-in-hand at Mehler & Hagestrom. Our connection speed is the fastest available, minimizing transmission delay. We are able to connect to multiple sites. A document camera is available to provide focus on your exhibits. Most importantly, the conference is done when you say it’s done. In other words, we won’t disconnect you because your time wasn’t properly reserved.